The Hotel O.K.1 offers a high-quality accommodation in a calm part of royal town Beroun. A unique location in the region called Český Kras and also Křivoklát region is perfect not just for a short time stay but also as a great place for spending a family holiday.

Tipsport Laguna Aquapark

There is a swimming pool just three minutes far from the Hotel. The Tipsport Laguna Aquapark is perfect place for relaxation or exciting adrenaline sports and experiences. You will find there a swimming pool (25 metres long), hot water vapour, massages, fitness etc. For kids there is a switchback, slipways a paddling pool etc. Simply everything you need for relaxation.

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Where to go to a trip?

If you rather love the nature, you can try our local trip-tips.

Koněpruské caves

A trip to Koněpruské caves can be very interesting and enriching. You will find this place in the Middle Behemia, 7 km far from Beroun, in a reserved area called Český kras. It is possible to visit close castles Křivoklát and Karlštejn at the same time.

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An educational footpath ‘Golden horse’

o some less challenging trips belongs an educational footpath called ‘Golden horse’. It leads just to one of the Caves. It is 3,5 km long and it is possible to manage to go through it in 90 minutes.

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The view-tower called ‘Děd’

An other trip is a walk through a beautiful nature scenery to the top of the hill where you can find the view-tower called ‘Děd’. Maybe you would be exhausted after reaching the top but the view will be really beautiful.

The Museum ‘Český kras’

If you don’t like walking in the nature so much, visit a beautiful exposition ‘Český kras’ (it’s first nature and settlement, history of Beroun handicraft, memorial hall of Václav Talich and Jan Preisler). All these things and more you can find there.

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